Everydays are Becoming Weeklies

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After 75 days I have decided to pivot my everyday exercises and will be switching to doing a weekly ‘project’. I have learned a lot about my own process doing everydays, and while I’m saddened to be ending before I made it a year, I’m not quitting, just evolving. For me, the need to post something daily has become somewhat of a chore and usually results in a quick study that does’t feel finished or fully thought out to me. I am wanting to spend more of my time on explorations with a bit more substance and process versus the quick pieces of an everyday. I will still be doing something everyday, but won’t be posting on a daily basis. Instead, I’ll be focusing each week on a different ‘project’ that will then be posted with all the process work at the end of the week. I could post parts everyday, and I might, but I’m not holding myself to dailies. Thanks for the support, and stay tuned for the first weekly!