Ryan Cuppernull

Product Designer & Animator

Product Design Lead at Capital One, working on Identity & Authentication services.

I’m working on a long overdue update to this space and my portfolio. I’ve done a lot of different projects in my career, and now I want to curate it down to highlight just the type of work I’d really like to be doing. The work I’m good at (my mom says so) and passionate about (I say so).

So, what kind of work is that? Well, I’m a Product Designer with roots in motion graphics and interactive media—I actually went to school for 3D visual effects 💥. I always want to be hands on with design; from the ideation workshopping sketching phase, through the ux stages all heavy with wireframes and maps, all the way to the final pixel perfect let my anal retentiveness show design phase. But it doesn’t stop there. Working with tech teams is an oft forgotten area that requires lots of TLC to ensure that all my super detailed spacing is what makes it to the user. Plus, we have to ensure those oh so subtle, but oh so important animated details make it into the final experience.

Beyond that, I have found my habits for being overly organized and obsessed with processes, systems, and tools mean I really enjoy working on projects that allow me to dive into the DesignOps of how the work is done. I find great pleasure in working with folks to document, organize, and streamline. Process is like a well organized desk, it feels so good when it’s all in it’s place and your Donatello collection can really shine—but you always need to tidy up and update the figures.

TLDR – What gets me excited:

👍  Creating great products and experiences for people from ideation to execution
👍  Animating things
👍  Helping organize things
👍  Helping document what we do and why we do it
👍  Working on the processes, tools, and relationships that allow us to create great things for our users
💜  Messing around with 3D
💜  Exploring new and emerging technologies like physical+digital interactions
💜  Working with fun humans

Previous Projects & Clients

  • Farmers Insurance mobile and tablet app
    • 4.8 stars out of 1.4k reviews on the iOS App Store
  • Gagosian App for iPad – first app of its kind providing interactive extensions of gallery exhibits
    • Silver Clio, Cannes Silver Lion, 2 Webby Honorable Mentions
  • NASA Mission Juno Website – original site, since updated
    • NASA Group Achievement Award, 2 Webby Honorable Mentions
  • Other previous clients & projects have included: Fiat, Citi Group, Bank of America, Prudential, Johnson & Johnson, CVS, Nike, Chanel, NFL, American Express, Bill Nye, and YouTube.

Wow, you made it this far… what else would you like to know?

I have a newish baby boy 👶 and an awesome social worker wife 💃. A few years ago we traded the fancy big city life for cool up and coming affordable Richmond and now have a yard and a garage for making messes. I spend my dwindling free time playing in 3D, relearning to draw, animating, exploring game design, reading comics, working on my motorcycle and trying to fix things in my house.

I think that about covers me, reach out if you wanna chat or what not. I’m always open to hearing about fun things and people.

🍺 RVA via NYC via ATX  🍺